Yichang bidding account hosting package offer [2019 latest version]

Fat Cat Technology is committed to providing bidding account custody business for Yichang enterprises. The following is our company's popular quotation package in 2019. The final transaction price is based on actual demand and contract.

,就是找一个专业的的竞价托管公司来替企业管理百度竞价、360搜索竞价、搜搜搜索竞价等搜索引擎竞价推广账户。 Bidding account hosting refers to finding a professional bidding hosting company to manage search engine bidding promotion accounts such as Baidu bidding, 360 search bidding, and search search bidding.
The price of bidding hosting is similar to the price of recruiting a bidder. The bidding hosting is relatively cheaper, and there is no need to worry about staff loss, five insurances and one fund, and there is no excessive cost of personnel technical training.
So, how does bidding hosting cost?
Baidu bidding hosting fees are charged according to certain standards.

First of all, it is charged according to the daily consumption amount of the account.
It is easier to understand here, for example, the current daily consumption of escrow accounts is 300 yuan and 3,000 yuan, so the cost of bidding escrow will also be different. The higher the daily consumption, the higher the corresponding labor cost, and the higher the cost of hosting services.
Bid account hosting charge price list:
Package A: 0 ≤ daily consumption ≤ 300 yuan, monthly fee of 2500 yuan, one year sign up, annual cost of 25,000 yuan, free 1 marketing website (suitable for PC and mobile phone, value 10,000 yuan);
Package B: 500 yuan ≤ daily consumption <2000 yuan, monthly fee of 4,000 yuan, one year sign up, annual cost of 40,000 yuan, free 1 marketing website (suitable for PC and mobile terminal, value 10,000 yuan);
Package C: 2,000 yuan ≤ daily consumption ≤ 5,000 yuan, 10,000 yuan per month, signed for one year, 100,000 yuan per year, free 1 custom design website (suitable for PC and mobile phone, valued at 30,000 yuan) ;
Package D: Daily consumption> 5000 yuan, the fee is negotiable, and signing for one year, you can get 1 free custom design website (suitable for PC and mobile phone, valued at 30,000 yuan).

Secondly, fees can be negotiated according to the agreed promotion effect.
The fee is mainly composed of 2 parts: basic service fee + performance indicator fee.
The basic service fee is mainly composed of 4 parts: account construction, material production (picture), copywriting, basic creative, advanced creative, etc. The cost depends on the actual structure of the account. The general cost is 10,000-20000 yuan once, and the basic service is 1 month Within.
The cost of performance indicators generally depends on the actual situation, such as the number of WeChat added powder, the number of forms, and the number of online consultations.

Regardless of the type of cooperation, the content of the service items provided is the same, and the after-sales service standards are the same. One-to-one service tracking, providing hosting weekly reports, monthly reports and providing real-time situation feedback.
Note: The above charging standards are only applicable to regular corporate accounts. The fees for frame and port households are separately discussed.

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